Monday, October 25, 2010

First Etsy sale! (and second)

Last week I made my first Etsy sale!  One medium elephant and one small elephant (seen below) sent off to Arizona to live in a baby girl's nursery.

On Sunday I received another order for two small elephants (one pink and one purple) from a woman here in NYC.  They will be a gift for her landlord's newborn baby girl and 1 year old daughter.

I love that I get to hear people's gifting stories.  It's fun to know where these little elephants will end up and imagine who will be enjoying them.

I hope I continue having Etsy success and continue hearing people's stories!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Baby Tutu!

This weekend was filled with Fall activities and foliage (which will be in a later post).  I also had a chance to see Emma (the little model in the Etsy shop) and gave her and her mom a tutu I made last week!  The tutu is light pink and twice Emma's size.  She looked like a cute little princess!

Emma's parents are both photographers and plan to use the tutu in photos.  The tutu itself is also a teensy bit big for Emma, so she will have room to grow and use it for quite a while.  I can't wait to see her parent's future tutu propped photos!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mobile Reworked...

So, I decided to rework the elephant mobile idea.  The previous mobile idea turned out to be waaaay too much work for something that I'd have to keep making over and over.  I could probably still sell the original mobile as a "one of a kind" piece, or keep it for myself!  I have to think about it.

Anyway,  the new mobile will be available as a DIY printable file and/or a DIY kit (with everything included).  Less work for me, and better price for everyone else!

The pictures I've taken so far are a bit dark and dramatic, not light and airy like I'd prefer.  I'm still having trouble with taking etsy quality pictures on my own.  Lighting kits and all that can get a bit expensive, so it's going to be a while before I can afford to spring for REAL photography lights of some kind.  Right now I do have a daylight bulb and a little spotlight, but those still do not create enough light for quality photos.  I have to do something soon!  I can make all the products I want, but if I can't photograph them correctly then it won't matter how cute the stuff is.

I also have some recipe cards ready and photographed and I would like to post them on etsy asap!  Those will also be available as printable  files so that customers can print off as many as they need.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crafty Sunday

A few days ago I started making an elephant themed mobile (to accompany all of the stuffed elephants) and was able to work on it a little more today.  The pictures are of one of the little blue elephants with fluffy clouds.

I'd really like to find some textured card stock that isn't ridiculously expensive and matches the fleece elephants perfectly.  It would be great for customers to be able to get matchy-matchy with colors and then give an elephant and mobile as a baby shower gift.  I think they'd all work really well together in a nursery, or in some crazy person's (mine) apartment.

I don't think I'll recommend that babies actually play with the mobile, since it is delicate and the pieces are made from card stock.  It will probably be better hanging in a window (cute cute cute!) or in the corner of a room somewhere.  Once it is finished I'll play around with some placement ideas and photograph them before posting in the shop.  Exciting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Fall, People!!

Fall is at the top of my "Favorite Times of the Year" list (hypothetical list, of course).  Nothing beats it.  Don't get me wrong, I love Summer, but by this time I'm tired of slathering on the sunscreen and totally ready for cozy sweaters and apple cider.

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I went upstate to his parent's lake house (about an hour north of Albany) where the leaves were already starting to change.  On the way back we made sure to stop by "The Pumpkin Man" and purchase enormous, yet dirt cheap pumpkins.  Pumpkins that would normally cost $40 in New York City, were only $10.   

We bought two gigantic orange pumpkins for the boyfriend's house (to be carved later), and one small white one for my apartment in the city.  My next Fall themed activity will be apple picking!  Can't wait!

Pumpkins on the front lawn of The Pumpkin Man's house.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First items!

The first items have been listed in the Etsy shop!

The shop, blog and website are all coming together slowly but surely.  There is still so much left to do!  Make sure to check back here often for info about new products, TLF updates and of course anything else fun!