Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiny Envelopes!

Why yes, I did spend part of my weekend making tiny envelopes...


  1. your photos are incredible! very jealous :)
    envelopes are super duper cute and itty bitty!!

  2. So, so cute! Your save the dates will be so epic!
    We should co-blog (is that a thing?) about making them, I'm about to make a linking post to you on my blog:


  3. Sugar Butter Baby! Thanks! :) I found a tutorial on for taking better photos (love her blog).

  4. Ruth! Yes we should co-blog about making them.. I'm sure it is a thing. I will definitely be adding a link to your shop/blog on my wedding website (when it's done) and also linking you on here!

    Can't wait for the save the dates! :)

  5. thanks! I found it! Will keep the tips in mind. And maybe I'll invest in a light box so I don't have to lug 50 lb. cakes around!